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What Makes Us Different ?

Like every good Estate Agent, we take photos and have a written description about our properties for sale in the Eastern Algarve in Portugal. That’s about as far as the similarity goes ! We use video as a proven technique, used by only the very best Estate Agents in the Algarve, and we enhance our exposure by live broadcasting every property we have for sale in the Eastern Algarve.

How enthusiastic are we about our properties in the Eastern Algarve ?

The proof is all around. Simply watch one of our many recordings, or watch us in a Live Broadcast.

For each and every property, we create a commentated walk-through video. This is what we do for every property for sale, then feature each property on a Live Broadcast. We then put a recording on the popular International property websites, and of course we have our own website, and we’re highly visible on YouTube !

Obviously Advertising Portals are Important. What about YouTube ?

Most Buyers start their property search online - that’s why we advertise online. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the World, because videos are more engaging and informative than text and photos. What’s going to attract the right Buyer to a property for sale ?  6 photos and 6 lines of text, or a 6 minute video ?

Why Do Buyers Like Our Videos ?

Let’s face it, looking at half a dozen photos and a bit of text, is a bit of a “hit and miss” process of deciding which property to short-list, and then to book a viewing. On the other hand, a well informed video is pretty much all a buyer could want, particularly if the Buyer is travelling some distance, and even from overseas.

Other Benefits Of Video ?

The portals tell us that we stand out more with videos on their sites, rather than just our photos. After the buyer has visited a property, they can play the video, pause, rewind, fast forward... again and again.

Why Make A Live Broadcast of your property for sale in the Eastern Algarve ?

Instruct us to sell your property, and we’ll tell the world ! “Going Live” is a great way of telling a lot of Buyers that we have your property for sale. Buyers can get advance notice, and new site visitors can see our YouTube clock, counting down.

Many buyers are dreaming about owning a property in the sun... we bring that dream a little closer every time we broadcast direct from the Algarve. It’s a perfect opportunity to show Buyers your property for sale in the Eastern Algarve.

With almost 20 years of UK Estate Agency Marketing, we've got some real “bite”... and our selling, costs no more than anyone else too.

Everyone can see, we know our properties - Inside & Out !

Buy In The Algarve on location in the Algarve selling properties

Tel: 00351 289 093 958 / 00351 916 236 500

Government Licensed Real Estate Agent, Licence INCI 11870 - AMI

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